The HToolkit project

The goal of the HToolkit project is to implement a portable Haskell library for writing graphical user interfaces (GUI's).

To tackle the problem of portability, the library will be built upon a low-level interface that will be implemented for each different target platform. The low-level library is called Port and is currently implemented for GTK and Windows.

Since the design of high-level GUI libraries (like Fruit or Fudgets) is still much of a research issue, we strive to implement a middle-level GUI library like TkGofer and ObjectIO. The middle-level library is named GIO (the Graphical IO library) and is built upon the low-level Port library.

The original version of ObjectIO was written in Clean, but thanks to Peter Achten, Simon Peyton Jones and me it is successfully ported to Haskell. The idea to start development of HToolkit comes from my unsuccessful attempt to port ObjectIO to Linux. During development I found that the ObjectIO cannot be ported to Linux without significant redesign and I deside to start development from scratch just using some small pieces of the original code.

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